Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lessons Learned at Armuchee

Went to Armuchee (BTW, pronounced Ar-mur-chee) for a Memorial Day Bluegrass festival. Camped and jammed for two nights. I packed up tired and a little down, thinking about how good I should be playing--compared to the folks I jammed with. Got home and let the Dobro sit a day. Opened it up yesterday and felt all excited about how good I could be playing if I keep at it.

Bluegrass just keeps teaching me about a lot more than music. We shackle ourselves with expectations and drag them around with us like Jacob Marley's chains. It's good to aspire to be better, just don't forget to enjoy where you are in the moment.

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Techquestioner said...

"....don't forget to enjoy where you are in the moment" is good advice for more than music. Too often we're concentrating on the goals and the obstacles, and not paying attention to the scenery on the journey.