Friday, October 01, 2010

Productivity: Live by the sword, die by the sword?

I was not only enthralled by an article in the Sept/Oct issue of Intercom (STC's magazine), but I was equally interested in my reaction. I love it; I hate it, wuh?.

The article is Measuring Productivity and is very well written by Pam Swanwick and Juliet Wells Leckenby , two STC members. This is a great article if you are involved in managing technical communication projects. That's the part I LOVE!

But a part of me is concerned that it might focus too much on what we produce and not on what we contribute, in terms of helping a design become more user centered or helping a team build knowledge that it can leverage. What does it do in the case when a writer spends a lot of time helping the developers improve the product but that effort does not get reflected in the writer's output (but does improve the user experience)?

Read the article and share your reactions. I've started a discussion in the STC group in Linkedin if you want to weigh in there.