Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This can only mean one thing...

A while back I blogged that a website I use had been redesigned--seemingly to reach an audience younger than me. Here is what that design looked like:

Well, I went back today and it looks like this:

What made them change? Two theories. One is that they read my blog. Seeing as how I did not make the list of most influential bloggers in Tech Comm I am summarily dismissing that theory.

That leaves the most common reason UIs undergo abrupt and dramatic changes: The president's spouse or parents tried to use the site and complained.

Happens every time.


Larry said...

Maybe they figured that the black smudges would remind people of the Gulf oil spill, and they decided that was too much of a downer.

Martin Wright said...

Perhaps they've been doing some extreme A/B testing where they change they entire homepage layout rather than tweaking a couple of buttons. In which case, you may see another layout the next time you visit!