Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I am like so old school

You might remember a blog I did last year about how not to update your look and feel. Essentially it says not to let old people (moi) design anything you want to appeal to the up and coming set of users.

I navigated to one of my old familiar sites and it has gone through a revamping by someone who certainly took my advice:

If you are over 60 (doh! moi again) give yourself about 5 minutes to figure out where to log in. Yes I know it says in BIG letters LOGIN and has a BIGASS button that says LOG IN.

It also has smudges for input fields.

I'm not complaining, "Brave new world that has such creatures in it" and all-- just saying I'm feeling like I'm a kazillion years old.

Maybe it needs a Help file that says "Type your password in the Password smudge." That would help geezers like me.


Larry said...

I think they got those widgets from the BP website.

Upstate Gator said...

Do the widgets continue to grow?