Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sexy vs. Usable

Whenever I get stumped on a UI, I ask is it a design issue or am I just being stupid? And as I have publicly pointed out in this blog, sometimes I'm just stupid. Got stumped on this one for awhile this morning:

BTW, very pretty dialog box. But the install button was disabled and I couldn't figure out why. Thought something might still be loading in the background so I waited. Finally figured out it was waiting on accept the terms of the license agreement.

I don't think I was stupid on this one. I wasn't seeing the gray box to accept the terms, nor did its label catch my attention alerting me I had an action to complete.

If I could redesign this, I would make the check box white (nothing says empty as well as white) and I'd add a tad of space between the box/label and the paragraph above it.

And I mean it, it is a pretty dialog box, and I should know, I stared at it for thirty seconds.


BHJ said...

Exactly what I did. Even reversing the gradient to make the text on the bottom stand out would have helped.

Margaret said...

I didn't see the checkbox, either, so I clicked on the Flashware Software License Agreement link, expecting another form with a 2-paragraph statment and an agreement checkbox at the bottom of the form.

I got an Adobe Reader doc with 232 pages, and its size percentage set to sonething over 5000%, which I was unable to change. Then my laptop displayed a message that it was unable to display the document. The laptop is still running XP, but an Adobe Reader doc from Adobe shouldn't be this quirky (even on an outmoded system)!

Now that you told me how to find the dark gray checkbox, I can upgrade my flashplayer tomorrow. I'm sure the Install Adobe Flash Player window will show up when I log on tomorrow.

Scott said...

I had this exact same experience on multiple computers even though I had already seen it. I agree with all your comments on ways to improve it and that it is definitely "sexy". :)

Jim Clay said...

I experienced the same dilemma. It's def a design flaw. If I were redesigning, in addition to the suggestions you've made I would add more copy (I know, I know) so it reads "Once you check the box below, this program will install... "