Friday, February 06, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

The more I look at the Atlanta Summit host city web site the more impressed I am with Brian Snead and Al Hood for a job well done. Among that, the cookbook, and the host chapter reception, I'm so proud of how we will be showing our Southern hospitality. Still some things to do, Atlanta STC members, you'll be getting an e-blast soon.

Just to make things interesting, I'll give away a free copy of our chapter Summit commemorative cookbook, Fixin to Eat: Some South for your Mouth from the Atlanta STC to the first commenter who finds where Phylise Banner and Andrea Ames are mentioned on our host city web site. (Council members who contribute to the web site are disqualified.)

Happy hunting!


KT said...

Just got to check Michael - which site exactly should the names be on?
The Summit city host site, with the information from locals in relation to the conference
The Atlanta chapter site
The Atlanta chapter newsletter

I think you meant the first, but just to be sure ... :)

Mike Hughes said... (as a starting point hint, hint)

KT said...

Michael, I've gone bonkers trying to find those names! I've even searched the page code to be sure I'm not missing something! ;) (Came up with some banners, but no Phylise's)
I guess I've gotta keep huntin'

Mike Hughes said...

Hey, KT, it's Phylise and Andrea; look in the bars! (Try the interactive map.)

KT said...

Found it finally! :)
They're mentioned in the info on Dailey's, the cigar bar.
Did I make it in time? Maybe it helped to be in Atlanta and actually looking for places to go (should've been looking at the site last night before we went wandering the streets to find a dinner venue!)