Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hey, Atlanta, let's do the math

Many technical communicators cannot afford to attend a conference every year, not because of the registration fees, but because of the associated travel and hotel costs (which typically exceed the price of the conference). The STC conference will be held in Atlanta in 2009, and for local good old boys and gals, this is a great opportunity to attend the premiere conference for technical communicators without having to cover the travel expenses.

If you are not already a member of STC or if you are wondering if you will renew, look at the additional savings you get if you attend the conference as a member:

Non-member Early Bird registration: $1095

Classic Membership: $175.
Member Early Bird registration: $795
Total cost: $970

By joining or renewing your membership, you save $125! And you get all the other benefits of STC membership.

I can't remember any other time when our profession has had so many exciting opportunities and challenges--this is the year to ramp up those professional skills and contacts. I hope every technical communicator comes to Atlanta for the conference, but we local professionals should take advantage of having the conference right here. Go to the STC Web site and join or renew your membership today.

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Paulm said...

Well said, Mike. I'll be in Atlanta, and I don't even live there.