Monday, December 01, 2008

Better me than Fido?

Every morning I see the following message on the body wash container in my shower: "Not tested on animals."

I'm glad that they didn't abuse animals to develop my soap, but on the other hand, it means I'm getting it before the dog does. I like that they don't do "experiments" on animals, but I also think that at the very end, right when the scientist is about to give it the "OK, Mike can use it" seal of approval, he would say, "You know, Fido here could use a bath. As long as I think this is safe enough for Mike, why not give the old pooch a scrub before signing off on this."

Truth is, Fido probably could use a bath.

1 comment:

Miranda said...

They probably just copied a formula that has been tested on animals, added yellow 5, put it in a new bottle and voila! You get to have a clean conscious. Feel better?