Wednesday, March 12, 2008


  • Check out Martha Stevens new blog on user assistance. Martha's voice and insights will be a good addition to the blogosphere.
  • Currents (Atlanta STC regional conference) starts in a few days. Shout out to my buddy, Miranda Bennett, who will be doing an interesting presentation on collaborative walkthroughs.
  • And with the start of daylight savings time, I'm back on my routine of going fishing every Wednesday afternoon after work. Actually, I sit in my kayak on Stone Mountain lake, drink two beers, and smoke a cigar while pretending to fish. I have come to the very serious realization that life balance is important; do you have something you make time for every week that is just for you? (Tip: Scheduling something for mid-week is a great way to break up the work week.)
  • Voting for STC officers starts next week. If you are an STC member, vote early; if you're voting for me, vote often.

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