Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Why did it take this long?

Getting old has its compensations for what it extracts from us. Case in point:

I did a demo yesterday of a mobile application we are about to release. The manager of the product management group was monitoring the chat during the demo and forwarded a comment to me over SameTime chat.

"One of the participants noted that the email follow-up icon was not intuitive and looked more like it would be to edit the ticket being displayed. Did you consider other icons, maybe something more intuitive like an envelope?

No action required, I'm just passing this along to you."

I started to respond that we wrestled a lot with the icon selection on that and eventually decided to use the standard mobile icon for email.

I then thought about explaining that icons are a crap shoot at best and that we would have some customer education to explain that entire feature.

Finally I responded:


Why did it take me so long to develop that communication skill?

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Techquestioner said...

I've learned that when any individual is motivated to comment on a blog or a demonstration or something they witnessed, they often do not necessarily want an action in response. They primarily want only to be acknowledged. "Thank you" is the all-purpose acknowledgement, for comments, for compliments, and even for insults. (They'll go away wondering if you really realized they insulted you, but "thank you" does nothing to add emotion to any situation.)