Friday, July 08, 2011

Living Large

For someone who is not the least bit afraid or reluctant to speak in public, I am still quite nervous when I play music in the presence of others. My stint on stage at the Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp was a breakout moment for me.

And last night was another step forward when I took the stage for open mic at the Red Light Cafe and got the chance to play with my favorite band, Cedar Hill of Atlanta. I sang "Bring Your Clothes Back Home." When else can you stand up in public and sing "Sure I'm sitting there watchin her flip-flop-a-doopie, oh Baby."

 And in a bar no less :-)


Warren said...

That's my man Mikey!! Nice job buddy.

Jen said...

Love it! Maybe I'll get to hear you play one day.

bozoette said...

Good for you!