Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Embedding User Experience in the Product Life Cycle

I have a new column out today in UXmatters.

All UX professionals, not just user assistance developers, face the problem of integrating their work into the product development lifecycle. At lower levels of organizational usability maturity, too often, the contributions of User Experience tend to be reactive. Usability professionals test the usability of a given product, then designers mitigate any shortcomings they find, and user assistance developers merely document what is already there. This column takes a look at the full scope of the product development lifecycle and how UX professionals can add value. [go to article]


Sean Romer said...

Thanks for the article Mike. Users are stakeholders with ultimate veto power. Just as one doesn't neglect the input of business stakeholders, it's unwise to overlook the consumers whose decions to not buy/use can trump all other considerations.

Your 'Market Opportunities' arena is where UX can do its business stakeholder interviews. This is smart from the UX side of the house not only because it is a source of richer data for UX professionals, it also allows UXers to begin educating decision-makers about UX. That way interviews remain a two-way street.

MelDizzie said...

I enjoyed the UX article... Definitely breaks down the process and importance of User Experience. New to my company (a marketing agency), I've found understanding UX is vital to the industry.
I look forward to tweeting this article in the future.
I'm leaving our blog, since several of the articles focus on the importance and defining of UX. Thanks and take care.