Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Geek Fight!

I'm doing the comic early this week and throwing in a contest.

Click to enlarge comic.

Click to enlarge comic.

Here's the contest

The first to answer the following questions correctly and sufficiently explain their answers (no guessing) wins a signed copy of my novel Iron Hoop [shameless self-promotion].

Kitty and Maria both work in the UX department and went to the same geeky school. They have a lot in common, but take two different looks at UX design.

1) Which is the Information Architect?
  • Kitty
  • Maria
2) Which is the UI layout designer?
  • Kitty
  • Maria
3) When they first met and became friends in school, what elective were they both taking?
  • World History
  • English Literature
  • Economics
  • Technical Communication

Submit your answers as comments to this blog post.


Yina said...

Well, I have no clue but it worth a shot!

3)Technical Communication

EagleSongs said...

1. Kitty
2. Maria
3. English Literature

EagleSongs said...

Oh, explanation... (I was never good at showing my work):
Kitty is citing Fitts' law of human-computer interaction, Maria is putting it into practice, and then Kitty makes a reference to Hamlet's soliloquy.

Michael Hughes said...

Excellent entries, but no winner yet.

Anindita said...

The argument between Kitty and Maria is whether n is important or D/W; in other words, whether T (time) depends on n or D/W. So, I think:
1. Information architect is Maria. She's more interested in n and that, to me, is the number of structures/artifacts a user has to navigate to get to what the user is looking for.
2. UI Layout designer is Kitty. She's more interested in D/W, which is almost like heat-tracking the eyeballs.

In the last picture, they agree for a trade-off (or a combo) of both n and D/W. Um, isn't that much like business where double-think is useful? So, I think:
3. They studied Economics

Ted Kuster said...

Kitty, the info architect, is complaining that Maria failed to load the dishwasher. Maria, the UI designer, explains that she forgot because she was all caught up in the latest issue of a trendy online magazine. Kitty tries to relieve the tension by telling one of those lame Hamlet jokes. Maria pretends it's funny.

Siska said...

1. Maria (Fitts's law)
2. Kitty
3. English literature (to be or not to be)