Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost in Space(s)

The APA has returned to its requirement that two spaces follow a period. See the first bullet in Chapter 4 in the Chapter-by-Chapter section or their "What's New" page.

The technoscribe blog-o-sphere is a twitter!

Those who have insisted on keeping two spaces in spite of the fact that ALL modern word processing technology accommodates the necessary spacing, take heart. Once again you are right.

Those currently getting therapy from a psychologist take warning--those who direct and publish the research of that practice are apparently still doing their work on typewriters. Expect the following edgy articles to be showing up in their journals:
  • "The Steam Engine: Advance or Anxiety?"
  • "Being Gay in America: The Role of Happiness in a Modern Culture"
  • "Media Overload: Do We Really Need All Three Channels?"


Larry Kunz said...
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Larry Kunz said...

Woe is me! It took me ten years to break the two-space habit. I'm not going back. I can't go back.

If APA gets its way, I might as well tie a heavy object to my ankles and jump into the harbor. Let's see....I know! I can use my old Royal manual typewriter.

Janet S. said...

Someone on the STC Lone Writer list pointed out that this applies to "manuscripts", not to typeset, published text.

Yina said...

When my friend Junie, who is in her sixties and was a jounalist about 20 years ago, was editing my thesis, she kept adding another space after all the periods. I thought she was a little nuts (in a good way. I love her very much.) Now I see why. And she probably never received the message that the style has changed.

Michael Hughes said...

Thanks, Janet, but even if it applies to manuscripts, why? It just has that stamp of ms is "typed" and copy is "typeset."

Alan said...

I think I figured it out:

APA = American Psychological Association.

They're just messing with our minds....

KT said...

Until we moved to a different authoring tool in 2004, we used two spaces after a full stop (oh, OK, I'll use the American word - period). In our old Front Page HTML, if we used only one space after a full, oops, period, the last word of the previous sentence would wrap with the next sentence when re-sizing our CHM windows/panes. We now use just one space, and also don't use APA style. ;) The Australian Govt Style Manual says one space, so I'll stick with that. And anyway, wouldn't corporate style win over any published style manual?