Monday, June 22, 2009

State of the Ark

State of the ark: A phrase I coined (I think) to represent feeling that the technology you are using is so cool when in reality it is like so yesterday.

For example, I got a new phone this weekend that I think is neat because it slides open, and I can display my wife's picture and have a special ring-tone when she calls. Other than that, it just makes and takes calls. Someone wanting to mock my enthusiasm could say "Mike's new phone is state of the ark." It would simultaneously mock my phone and my technology naivete. Sort of like "Bless his heart."

Use and enjoy.

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Allen said...

I enjoy coining phrases to categorize and poke fun at myself. I coined this one (I think) a while back: "At the forefront of hindsight." I used it to describe doing something well and in a style that had been perfected centuries ago. I think I'll resurrect the phrase for when I'm caught in an ark state and want to save face. I mean, after all sometimes recovery is so important. Once, when I sucked down a glass of wine while those around me were swirling and tasting I said, "Boy that wine has a great finish!" At least I felt better.