Monday, April 20, 2009


Everytime we pass a restaurant that has gone out of business and been converted into office space, my wife comments that they must have one really great employee break room. Wow! A break room with a walk-in freezer, pizza oven, and deep fat fryer.

Howard Speck added some really great rules to my earlier blog Why did it take me so long long to learn... I especially love "Never argue with an idiot, people watching can't tell the difference." I'm having that one printed on a card and carrying it with me!

The Atlanta STC Awards banquet is tomorrow! My wife is at a business meeting all day which means I will have to get dressed in my tux all by myself.

The STC Summit starts a week from Sunday--in Atlanta!! We have a local chapter cookbook we will be selling that is a MUST HAVE for anyone attending the conference. My favorite excerpt: "You know you're a Southern technical writer if you put in a comma where you want the reader to pause...and spit."

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