Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just when I ought to be getting cynical...

... I go to my local STC chapter meeting and there are over 50 attendees! So much for a dying profession and a society that has lost its relevance. So what gives here?

First off, a dynamic programs manager, Jen Collier. Last night's event was a progression, six presenters in three 15-minute time slots. Pick the three you're most interested in and rotate. The topic was Instructional Design, a perennially popular topic with technical communicators, perhaps trying to break away from traditional writing or just interested in broadening their skill set in a tough economy.

Speakers were a mixed bag of university professors, consultants and business practitioners--even had an old guy from IBM ;-) This was pure grass-roots STC like its hay-day in the 90s. As a matter of fact, I saw some of my old fellow classmates from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Good pre-marketing too. Getting the word out is important.

Just got me pumped. STC rocks and I'm glad I have a professional society that brings me into contact with peers who believe learning doesn't stop on graduation day.


Holly said...

Yes, Jen is a gem!

Final count was 62 attendees!
I think we convinced several to join as well.

And we forged some useful ties with the local ASTD folks.

Jenn said...

You flatter me. Thank you. The programs are fun to plan and Joe has been doing an amazing job of advertising. Next month we have Dr. Keith Hopper presenting a case study on content management and single sourcing. It should be a good one. People seem to love the progression format for meetings. We'll have to do more of them.

Sean said...

It was a good show: solid intros to relevant tools, techniques, and technologies, presenters who knew their stuff, and a chance to see a few old friends and colleagues.

tbrown said...

Thanks for sharing. Are you the Mike Hughes that taught Online Communication and Doc Design. You and Dr. Oliver were my favorite professors!

I appreciate your update on STC, I have hesitated joining and attending because I wasn't sure of the value I'd get out of it. I am now intrigued.

I'll visit the SPSU site to see how I can get involved.


tbrown said...

Also, can't wait to see Dr. Hopper again he was the greatest and so helpful!

Mike Hughes said...

tbrown, you caught me! I am the Mike Hughes who taught Online Communication. I hope I gave you an A :-)