Thursday, May 29, 2008

Patching up the crack...

Ok, you have to be pretty old to recognize the context of that reference. It's from the theme song to Disney's David Crockett series: "He patched up the crack in the liberty bell." I'm all packed and getting ready to go to the airport for Philadelphia and the STC Summit. First I have a two-day board of directors meeting, a one-day leadership day orientation and then the Summit. I will be speaking on Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:00 on how to use Excel to compare averages for statistical significance. It can be useful for comparing quantifiable data (user ratings, time to do task, etc.) between two products, two versions of a product, or different groups of users. It's a little dry, but I make up for it by talking very loudly.

Speaking of context, I stirred the pot a bit in my current column in UXmatters. Partly due to its reference to culture and partly because I advocate against the need for documentation that explains the obvious. Lots of comments. Please look at the column and weigh in if you want. David Farkas came to my defense-I'm cutting it out and putting it in my scrap book!

I've redesigned my blog site to contain links to my publications. This is in anticipation for dropping my web page. I'm trying to follow Sarah O'Keefe's 80/zero rule. Get 80% of the functionality you need for zero cost. So I'm going with all free hosting and services. It's kind of like being a cyber dharma bum.

If you are a reader of this blog and you are going to the STC Summit in Philly, please look me up and say hi.

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