Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have a new column out in Hockey Sticks and User Assistance: Writing in Times of Resource Constraints. I blogged on it earlier, but this is a more thought-out (and better edited) version than what you saw in the blog.

I've also updated my web page to include my "platform" for my STC 2VP campaign. Take the STC Campaign-2008 link. In short, my focus as an officer would be to

  • Maintain a balanced budget that funds the programs that add the most value for members
  • Ensure that our publications and conferences provide the content that helps members do their jobs
  • Create a collaboration where members, vendors, employers, and academic communities help technical communicators keep up with the ever-changing demands for tools and technology knowledge
  • Support a certification program through STC that helps our sponsors trust and understand our value and that creates sustainable careers for technical communicators

I'll blog more on why I have decided to get on the certification bandwagon after staying off it all these years.

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