Thursday, October 25, 2007

css: cyber sourdough--
I've been learning more about cascading style sheets the last couple of weeks than I really wanted to know. I'm only good enough to edit one, and then only with much effort. If all the .css files in the world disappeared tomorrow, I'd never be able to create one from scratch. But I get by by deconstructing, cutting, and pasting from existing ones.

So in a way, for me a cascading style sheet is like a recipe for sourdough bread. You know, where you have to start with a "seed batch" from one that was made previously. In a way, a lot of what I do with technology is like that: cutting and repurposing snippets of this and that from previous templates, web pages, spread sheets, Wikis etc. All of which represent lessons hard-learned and long-ago forgotten. I'm saved by the organic nature of technology to regrow itself from grafts and transplants.

In Dante's inner ring of hell I will be required to build a table in WikiMedia from scratch.

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