Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog Otro--
I decided I need to learn Spanish (again-I've decided this about three times now). This time I think I'm going to make it. Why? Thanks to technology I am able to enjoy total immersion within a culture from the comfort of my couch and desk. I watch the news on Univision as I have my morning coffee, and I listen to CNN en Espanol as I drive to work. And most importantly, I've started a blog on Univision.com. http://mipagina.univision.com/mikehughes.
Be sure to visit my alter-ego (as if my one ego wasn't enough!) Between all of these tools plus my translation applet on my Google home page, I'm set to be bilingual in no time.

So the next time you see me, just say Hola! I'll know what you mean.

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Holly said...

I've made that pledge myself several times over the years. Great ideas on free language immersion!

Spanish soap operas and talk shows are also good for learning colloquial expressions.

I will add your Spanish blog to my feed. Not sure my Spanish is good enough to write comments, but I'll give it a try.