Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blogging is an odd activity. On the one hand, it seems absurdly self-centered, as if what the blogger has to say is of such importance it must be shared with the world. On the other hand, it is like the mutterings of a street vagabond: words said in public but listened to by no one. I rather hope it is more like the latter :-)

The Role of This Blog
I am changing jobs and taking on the role of User Assistance Architect in which I will have the fun task of "identifying tools, methods, and standards to integrate the content and delivery of user assistance, including documentation, help, e-learning, and training. " I will use this blog to reflect on and articulate my thoughts about user assistance as I take on this new challenge. I will deliberately avoid the temptation to publish well-thought-out papers, and use this space instead to put emergent thoughts out for my own reflection and for public scrutiny.

So if anyone wanders by this cyber vagabond and would like to comment on my mutterings, all input would be appreciated.

In my next entries, I will be focusing on defining user assistance and exploring its place in the broader field of User Experience.

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